About Us


Our Company

Safran Uluslararası İş Makinaları İnş. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. was founded by qualified experts from synthetic turf industry. The company's aim is to bring a new understanding about implementation of synthetic turf industry service. For this purpose, researches are done to provide the most appropriate products with a scientific approach for customers and investors.

Our Mission & Vision

As it is known every material in the nature is dissolved in a specific time. If these materials that dissolve contain harmful molecules it may damage the environment and people. Synthetic grass usage requires direct contact with a person. For this reason we analyzed synthetic grass products one by one and determined the ones that are not harmful and we presented these to the users.

To apply the usage values determined by UEFA and FIFA in synthetic grass usage. In this way to render services in global standards by reaching the highest quality level.


Our Principles

Our 3 main principles in synthetic grass sector:

Synthetic grass should be environmental friendly and should protect hygiene and human health. Synthetic grass should not be left as applied. It should be maintained in certain intervals. Synthetic grass application should be done via machine and equipment not the human power.

When these principles combine with our quality concept it will be possible to meet the UEFA and FIFA standards followed by global producers. SAFRAN follows these principles and tries to accomplish a first in Turkey.